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1st Place at the 2022 Gulf States Horticultural Expo!

Seed Supply: Our commitment to a grass-roots seed supply is helping us in a difficult time. We cultivate small growers and farmers to grow out our seed catalog. In order to make the numbers work for more farmers we buy about 2.5 years of seed at a time from those small growers. Over 60%+ of our varieties are grown on small US farms by seed savers. This means we have deep back-stock on most varieties. 

We are a growing cooperative seed company specializing in organic open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Our mission is to ensure that people retain control of their food supply, that genetic resources are conserved, and that gardeners have the option of saving their own seed. Our goal in having seed racks in stores is to partnering with local experts to make gardeners more successful.

We offer an extensive selection of organic varieties selected for heritage, flavor, and other qualities of interest to gardeners. Our informative Catalog and Garden Guide is available free as a reference and resource for your customers. Our seed packets and seed rack displays are colorful and attractive. We can help you to create a seed rack specifically tailored to the needs of your market.

If your store has ordered in the past - please ask us to update your store's account login to a new email, a new person, or to reset the password. This keeps your ordering history, shipping instructions, billing info and more. If you have further questions, please email us at or give us a call at (540) 894-7890.



Our Pricing Tiers

Your discount level is set at the beginning of every sales season based on the quantity of packets in your initial order for the season.  Our sales season for seed racks begins July 1st when we reset everyone's discount level to zero.  When you place your first order of the season, the website will calculate your order totals from the base price.  When we approve your order we will apply the appropriate discount to that order and set your discount level for the season.  All subsequent re-orders will automatically show your proper discount level.


Size of Initial Order Percentage Discount (base price $1.80/packet)
150-399 packets 0% off
400-599 packets 4% off
600-799 packets 6% off
800-1199 packets 8% off
1200+ packets 10% off

Save money on seeds

Seeds are expensive. We want to make sure you can grow the crops you love, so we offer a few other ways to save money in addition to your early-season order size.

Early Buy

Fall: All orders placed before July 15th with a ship date of August 15th or later will receive a 5% Early Buy discount.

Spring: All orders placed before November 15th with a ship date of January 3rd or later will receive a 5% Early Buy discount.

Seasonal savings programs

There are two tracks or programs available to you each season. You will choose one when you place your first order and it will apply to all your orders for this seed rack season.

  1. Guaranteed Sale — A partial buyback program. Under this program you are entitled to return up to 25% of the packets you order this season for a 100% credit towards your order next year. See our terms and conditions for details about how to make these returns.
  2. Outright Buy —  Save 15% off your order. The best savings. No returns for credit at the end of the season are allowed. Most customers simply discount their remaining seed packets to clear out their inventory at the end of their sales season.

Order Minimums

We have a 150 packet and 5/variety minimum on initial orders for the year, quantities in multiples of 5 only please. 25 packet minimum on re-orders, with no per-variety minimum.