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71303 - Calendula, Resina

71303 - Calendula, Resina

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(Calendula officinalis) 85 days. Bright yellow, medium-size flowers; variety includes a few orange flowers. Flowers are used as a food color, natural dye, and substitute for saffron.

Medicinal: This strain has the highest amount of the resins prized by herbalists. Traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory herb for localized skin problems. Reported to activate cellular defense mechanisms.

For edible flowers, use the outer part of the petals (the whitish bit where the petals connect to the head is the most bitter).

Growing instructions: Annual. Germination: 55-65°F, darkness required, 14 days. Transplant or direct seed. Full sun. 18 in. tall. Plants fade in deep summer heat, but can be reseeded for late summer/early fall harvest.

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